The American-International Charolais Association has been building a research database of genotypes to predict GE-EPD and improve the accuracy of selection for younger Charolais bulls and females. The AICA Board of Directors appropriated funding for the first 1,000 genotypes. We have exceeded this recommended requirement of researchers.

Thank you to Charolais breeders and other collaborators in assisting AICA in exceeding this goal. Continuing research is ongoing between GeneSeek, Iowa State University, AGI and AICA to complete this project.


 • Charolais Sires with 50K - HD GENOTYPES
Current list of those bulls with a 50K or HD Genotype already completed.
Current as of April 22nd, 2014

 • List of Desired Sires to be Genotyped
Current as of April 22nd, 2014

Charolais on Feed:
The Genetics of Feed Efficiency Field Day

August 22, 2013 • Urbana, Illinois

The American-International Charolais Association, co-hosted along with the University of Illinois and the National Program for Genetic Improvement of Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle, the Charolais on Feed Field Day which offered an opportunity for breed enthusiasts to learn about emerging technologies that could soon benefit producers.

Charolais breeders, commercial cattle producers and other beef industry leaders from across the United States and Mexico attended the event. Click here to view complete coverage.

Welcome to the Charolais on Feed Field Day
Robert Williams, AICA Director of Breed Improvement and Foreign Marketing; J. Neil Orth, AICA Executive Vice President; Larry Lehman, AICA President; Dr. Dan Shike, University of Illinois; Dr. Doug Parrett, University of Illinois; Dr. Jerry Taylor, University of Missouri
Genetics/Genomics: The Basics
Dr. Jonathan Beever, University of Illinois
Feed Efficiency Projects at the University of Illinois
Dr. Dan Shike
The Weight Traits Project: What We’ve Learned
Dr. Matt Spangler, University of Nebraska
The National Programs for Genetic Improvement of
Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle

Dr. Jerry Taylor
Genomic - Enhanced EPDs and Selection Indexes
Dr. Bob Weaber, Kansas State University


AICA 50K Genotype Project

The American-International Charolais Association has been working to build a research database of 50K genotypes. This database will serve as the research base to help make the incorporation of DNA into genomically enhanced EPD (GE-EPD) for AICA.

AICA already has available to them 50K (and High Density, HD) genotypes on some animals through various research projects including the Weight Traits Project and
the Bull 2000 project with the Meat Animal Research Center (MARC).

The initial recommendation for AICA to move forward is to establish a research database on 1000 progeny proven sires. This should allow AICA to develop an effective panel with the ability to predict GE-EPD and improve accuracy of selection, especially on younger bulls and females.

Research projects of this size require a breed-wide effort and the cooperation of Charolais breeders is needed to help build the discovery population. The AICA Board of Directors is asking for membership support to submit DNA samples (50K SNP test) on their herd sires as well as those high accuracy sires they've owned in the past.

The results of this project will be of benefit to every member of AICA and those commercial producers using Charolais genetics through GE-EPD that have higher accuracy values for animals at younger ages.

We have worked to build a list of those animals already known to have 50K genotype available so that as few animals as possible are genotyped more than once.

Please see the lists of specific animals that have already been tested in addition to the list of those animals which are of high accuracy and for which 50K's are desired. This list of desired sires was made available through the Animal Breeding faculty at Iowa State University based on informative accuracy in the current AICA genetic evaluation. Genotypes through this project in the discovery population will be owned by the AICA to be used for research and genetic prediction.

While the AICA Board of Directors appreciates that many breeders will cover the cost to 50K genotype those sires listed on the "Desired" list AICA has directed funds get AICA to the targeted number of 1000 informative sires.

Please check these lists periodically as they will be updated as more animals are genotyped. When possible AICA will add more animals to the "Desired" list as funds permit.

For more information regarding sample collection, sample handling and submission of samples please contact the AICA office.


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