Ten Grand Sale
October 30, 2015

Dakota Standard IV
November 13, 2015
37th National Charolais Sale
November 15, 2015

The AICA Terminal Sire Index (TSI) is a formal method of combing Expected Progeny Differences (EPD) – BWT, WWT, YWT, REA, HCW, MARB and FAT – into one single value on which to base selection decisions.  The TSI uses estimates of the genetic relationships between traits with an economic default value based on three year rolling USDA data.

The TSI represents a dollar index per terminal progeny produced for a bull in the AICA database, ranking them for profit potential.  This dollar index is to be interpreted much like single trait EPD.   For example, if Sire A’s index is $191.66 and Sire B’s index is $200.00, then we would expect Sire B’s offspring to average $8.34 more net return ($200.00 minus $191.66) than Sire A’s offspring.

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The American-International Charolais Association has been building a research database of genotypes to predict GE-EPD and improve the accuracy of selection for younger Charolais bulls and females. The AICA Board of Directors appropriated funding for the first 1,000 genotypes. We have exceeded this recommended requirement of researchers.

Thank you to Charolais breeders and other collaborators in assisting AICA in exceeding this goal. Continuing research is ongoing between GeneSeek, Iowa State University, AGI and AICA to complete this project.

  The proposed entity, to be called the American Charolais Foundation, will allow members, supporters, or other interested parties to offer tax-free donations/gifts consistent with our constitution. Our commitment is to form this tool with structure similar to the Junior Foundation, but with wider scope. We ask each of you to join with us in donating in the next few weeks so that we can proceed quickly in the fall of 2014. Read the entire letter for more information.
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An innovative marketing system designed to take advantage of value added opportunities for Charolais genetics, regardless of end point.
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October 2015

Charolais Edge
February 2015
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  Process your 2015 female enrollments on line. Click the online registration link below. The fee to enroll your females in the WHR program until April first is $14 per active female. For more information go to the registration page across the top. Contact AICA for a password.


October 3 – Tulsa State Fair Open Charolais Show, Tulsa, Okla.
October 3 – PZC Leading Ladies Sale, noon, Polzin Show & Sale Facility, Kimball, Minn. Auctioneer: Jared Shipman. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales.
October 3 – Keystone International Livestock Exposition Class A ROE Charolais Show, Harrisburg, Pa.
October 3 – Dennis Charolais Farm/007 Charolais Fall Edition BeefGene Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission, Sulphur Springs, Texas. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Contact: Eric Dennis.
October 10 — M6 Ranch Who’s Your Daddy? Fall Bull & Female Sale,1 p.m. at the ranch, Alvarado, Texas. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Contact: Kevin Moore.
October 10 — Ray’s Charolais Farm Fall Fling, 1 p.m., at the farm, Manchester, Tenn. Auctioneer: Terry Baxter. Sale Manager: Ray Campbell Marketing.
October 12 — Hankins Farms Fall Colors Online Sale, Breeders’ World Online Sales. Contact: Jason Hankins.
October 12 – Northwest Charolais Association Online Sale, Breeders World Online Sales. Contact: Cody Lacy.
October 13 – Northern International Livestock Exposition Open Charolais Show, Billings, Mont.
October 16 – Compton Charolais 28th Annual Production Sale, 12:30 p.m., at the farm, Nanafalia, Ala. Contact. A.W. Buck Compton.
October 17 – Rogers Bar HR Fall Turn-Out Bull and Brangus Female Sale, 12:30 p.m., at the ranch, Collins, Miss. Contact: Doug Rogers.
October 17 — The ONE Sale, 1 p.m., Hopkins County Regional Civic Center, Sulphur Springs, Texas. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service.
October 17 — Angell-Thomas Charolais Bull & Female Sale, at the farm, Paris, Mo. Contact: Sally Thomas.
October 18 – Arkansas State Fair Open Charolais Show, Little Rock, Ark.
October 18 – Sullivan Farms Maternal Legends Sale, Noon, at the farm, Dunlap, Iowa. Contact: John, James or Nick Sullivan.
October 19 – Summit Farms The Premier Selection Sale, Breeders’ World Online Sales. Contact: Roy Miller, or Brian Mike.
October 19 — Wild Indian Acres Online Sale, Breeders World Online Sales. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales.
October 20 – North Carolina State Fair Open Charolais Show, Raleigh, N.C.
October 21 – Thomas Charolais, Inc. 14th Annual Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Raymondville, Texas. Contact: Mitch Thomas or Tonnyre Thomas.
October 21-22 — Dismukes Ranch Fall Online Sale, at the ranch, Checotah, Okla. Contact: Jim Dismukes.
October 24 – Southern Connection Sale, 1 p.m., NW Georgia Livestock Pavilion, Calhoun, Ga. Sale Sponsors: Georgia-Florida and South Carolina Charolais Associations. Auctioneer: Greg Clifton. Sale Manager: Outfront Cattle Service.
October 24 – Aschermann Charolais 21st Edition Charolais Bull Sale, 1 p.m., at the ranch, Carthage, Mo. Auctioneer: Jackie Moore. Contact: Larry or Peggy Aschermann.
October 24 – Doub Charolais Autumn At The Crossroads Sale with Guest Consignors, 6 p.m., at the farm, Danville, Ind. Contact: Andrew Doub
October 24 – Mead Farms Fall Production Sale, at the farm, Versailles, Mo. Contact: Aland Mead.
October 28 – Fink Beef Genetics Annual Bull Sale, at the Fink Beef Genetics Sale Facility, Randolph, Kan. Contact: Galen, Lori or Megan Fink.
October 28-29 – American-International Charolais Association Fall Board of Directors Meeting and Committee Meetings, Kansas City, Mo.
October 30 – 2015 Royal Breeders Bull Classic, 9 a.m. American Royal Livestock Show, Kansas City, Mo.
October 30
– Ten Grand Sale, Noon, American Royal Livestock Show Sale Center, Kansas City, Mo. Sale Sponsor: Missouri Charolais Breeders Association. Sale Manager: Hubert Cattle Sales.
October 31 – American Royal Livestock Show Junior Charolais Heifer Show, 8 a.m., Kansas City, Mo.
October 31 – American Royal Livestock Show National ROE Show, Kansas City, Mo.
October 31 – Nipp Charolais & Guests Fall Bull Sale, 1 p.m., Red River Livestock, Ardmore, Okla. Contact: Curtiss Nipp.

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